Mr. Binaya Upadhyay, Managing Director of Binisha Interiors Sewa, along with it, holds a prominent role in several other businesses in Nepal. Other than being a businessman, he is also a philanthropist.

Chairman- JFC Nepal Pvt. Ltd.(Franchise of Japanese Fried Chicken Toyokaarage)

With a motive of bringing Japanese flavor in Nepal, Mr. Upadhyay agreed to bring franchise of Japanese Fried Chicken Toyokaarage in Nepal. He had seen the fondness that Nepalese had for Japanese food. With an overwhelming response, he has been successful in extending branches of this franchise in several locations inside Kathmandu valley like Durbarmarg, Maharajgunj, Thapathali, and Bhatbhateni. With the start of this business, he believes the relation that Nepal and Japan had grown even stronger. Ambassador to Japan and several other dignitaries are few of the regular consumers of this franchised restaurant.

Chairman- Sankalpa Investment & Holding Pvt. Ltd.

The company aims to mobilize small savings into investment and such savings shall be invested in stock and shares of profitable companies. The company will provide maximum return from the invested capital by investing funds into profitable projects. The company invests on stock of new as well as established companies, on bonds, real estate, housing, hydropower and other lucrative projects.

Chairman- Sakalya Pre-School (Franchises of Euro Kids India)

Sakalya Pre-School is the franchise of Euro Kids India which focuses on interactive learning. This pre-school works in guiding each child to explore, acquire skills, and instill in them the joy of learning. It is located at Chhauni, Kathmandu with a friendly and playful environment. Parents have seen a very positive change in their kids after joining them in this pre-school.

Chairman- Sankalpa Design & Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Sankalpa Design and Developers Pvt. Ltd aims at avoiding indecent use of land for construction purpose and developing proper provisions of using land. This organization is actively in a campaign to showcase Kathmandu as a model of well planned urbanization. Under it, there is also a building inside the premise of Kanchanjunga Housing which is providing spaces to some of the renowned restaurants of Kathmandu like Red Mud, Syanko Katti Roll and others.

Managing Director-Kanchanjunga Housing Limited

Kanchanjunga Housing Limited's main objective is to construct commercial building in private and lease land. It is that housing company that introduced to the Nepal's first and the tallest corporate building known as Trade Tower. It is located in Thapathali, Kathmandu. This building is eight storey owning several big organizations like United Distributors Nepal (UDN), British College, NIC Asia, and others. The other project of it is Janata Residency at Bhaisepati with 190 apartments in total which is fully occupied. So far, the residents of this building are happy as well as satisfied.

Managing Director-BSS International Pvt. Ltd.

BSS International Pvt. Ltd. is a garment supplier company. Mr. Upadhyay believes, with the ever changing fashion and style, textile and fabric industry has a huge potential in Nepal. But, at the same time, it is very volatile which can be a bit difficult at time because one needs to be up to date and proactive. Currently, this company imports garment from various countries like India, China, and Thailand. But, in a near future, this company plans to import garments from the countries of all across Asia with an aim to provide materials of all kind that are available in this region.

Managing Director-Silk Nepal Incorporated Pvt. Ltd.

This is a recent venture established in order to bring some high quality silk in Nepal from the 2 huge nations-China and India, which are the 1st and 2nd highest producers of Silk in world. But, this company aims in not just importing silk but also exporting raw materials or cocoon to outside nation as Silk is considered one of the qualitative textile all across the world. This will ultimately help in increasing the GDP of Nepal along with the employment opportunities to Nepalese.

Managing Director- Sankalpa Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Sankalpa Hospitality Pvt. Ltd is in a process of bringing 3 star hotel named as "Hotel Durbar View" in the heart of Kathmandu city. It will be located in Durbarmarg. This hospitality will promote the tourism industry of Nepal by providing hotel that matches the needs of foreigners. Along with this, it will also be promoting unexplored sectors like adventure tourism, eco tourism, cultural tourism and religious tourism.

Besides business, Upadhyay is also associated in various other organizations.


  • Nepal-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Nepal-Turkey Chamber Of Commerce and Industry


  • Nepal Chamber Of Commerce
  • Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FNCCI)
  • Nepal Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Nepal Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Making an association with these countries, he wants to bring some good business in Nepal that can ultimately benefit both the countries.